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Kids behind bars in Brazil

Jails Help Turn Kids Into Criminals. In Belize, There’s a Better Way.

In recent years, heavy-handed strategies and mass incarceration have been the preferred tactics used by many politicians in the region. Now, facing evidence that...
Colombian cocaine seized in the Caribbean

US Report Shows Revitalized Central America Cocaine Corridor

The US State Department named seven Central American countries as havens for laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking and organized crime, and described the...

US and Central America’s Top Law Enforcement Officials Meet

Top law enforcement officials from seven Central American countries met with the US Attorney General to discuss rising violence, drug-trafficking, and organized...

UN Drug Control Board Scolds Reform in Latin America

In its most recent report, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) -- responsible for overseeing the implementation of the United Nation’s drug...
Youth in Belize City wearing Blood gang colors

Belize Gang Violence Spikes Months After Ceasefire Attempt

A string of shootings in Belize City has fed concerns about a spike in gang violence, less than five months after the government's most recent attempt to negotiate...
Edwin Flores, an alleged MS13 member accused of extortion

Belize Arrests Fuel Reports of MS13 Gang Presence

Police in Belize have arrested six suspects allegedly linked to the MS13 for attempted extortion and arson, in a case that supports earlier reports the...
Belize has been identified as a money laundering hotspot

The State’s Secret: Belize’s Money Laundering Regime

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Central America, Belize is often named one of Central America's most beautiful vacation destinations. With its ornate coral...
Murder victims in south Belize City in 2012

Belize City Gang Ceasefire is Temporary Reprieve

Authorities in Belize have reported a ceasefire between gangs in the south of the country's largest city following a surge in homicides, though the country's prime...
Original Paredes leader Jorge Mario Paredes Cordoba

Belize Arrest Shows Once-Mighty Guatemala Narco Clan Still Alive

The heir to what was once one of Guatemala's premier drug trafficking organizations has been arrested in Belize, illustrating both the diehard nature of the...