Colombia Capo May Be First Ever Extradited to United States, Twice

A former member of Colombia’s Norte del Valle Cartel was the first Colombian to be extradited to face charges in the United States on two different occasions, a cautionary tale regarding the low sentences often handed to capos in the US.

Norte del Valle Cartel Profile

Lorena Henao Montoya, sister and wife of NDVC leaders

Norte del Valle Cartel

The Norte del Valle Cartel (NDVC) emerged out of the breakup of the infamous Cali Cartel to became the wealthiest and most powerful Colombian drug trafficking organization of its day. However, for much of its lifespan the group was wracked by paranoia, divisions and treachery, and in its later years operated more as a network of competing factions than a coherent and cohesive group. The protracted dissolution of the cartel that began in 2007 gave rise to several newly independent criminal organizations, including the Rastrojos, which would go on to become one of the most influential of Colombia's next generation of drug trafficking organizations. According to FBI estimates, at its peak the cartel was responsible for 60 percent of the cocaine reaching the United States.