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Luis Enrique Calle Serna

Plea Deal Lands Colombia Drug Boss Light Sentence in US Court

A Colombian drug boss whose surrender to US authorities helped decimate what was once among the country's most powerful criminal organizations has negotiated his way into receiving just a nine-year prison sentence in a US court.

Colombia Frees Brother of Top Organized Crime Leader

The recent release of a high-level drug trafficking and money laundering suspect highlights Colombia's continued difficulty in successfully prosecuting organized crime.

Rastrojos members demobilize in La Sonora

Rastrojos Downfall Appears Imminent After Latest Demobilization

With the demobilization of 17 fighters in Valle del Cauca and hundreds more possibly to surrender, there are indications that the Rastrojos drug gang, once Colombia's most powerful, is imploding after the surrender and capture of top leaders.

Luis Enrique Calle Serna

Last Rastrojos Leader Surrenders to US

The last known leader of the Rastrojos drug gang, Luis Enrique Calle Serna, has handed himself in to the US, raising the likelihood this once mighty trafficking organization could be seeing its final days.

‘Comba’ Cuts a Deal and the Rastrojos Lose Ground

After months of negotiations with the DEA, Javier Calle Serna, alias 'Comba,' has surrendered to US authorities, possibly creating a seismic shift in the Colombian underworld.

Has Colombia’s Biggest Mafia Boss Surrendered?

Reports that the head of Colombia’s most powerful drug cartel, the Rastrojos, has surrendered to US authorities are false, according to sources contacted by InSight Crime, and may be aimed at sowing chaos within the organization and Colombia's underworld.

‘Colombia Drug Lords Tried to Turn in Sinaloa Cartel Boss Chapo Guzman’

Argentine singer Facundo Cabral’s murder in Guatemala last year sparked an investigation which spans the hemisphere. Plaza Publica reports that his alleged killer may be ensnared in a wider conspiracy, involving a Colombian gang's attempts to turn Sinaloa Cartel boss 'El Chapo’ over to US authorities.

Colombia’s ‘Comba’ Brother Arrested in Ecuador

Ecuador has arrested, and swiftly deported, one of the brothers that head Colombia's powerful Rastrojos gang, again showing how many of Colombia's capos prefer to reside outside of the country.

Network of ‘Rastrojos’, ‘Oficina’ Arrested in Cartagena

Colombian authorities arrested 20 people in 4 different cities in Colombia who formed part of a network that helped send upwards of 700 kilos of cocaine per month to the United States and Europe, reported El Colombiano.

The group allegedly worked for the Oficina de Envigado and the Rastrojos and had as its headquarter Cartagena, Colombia. It's not clear if it operated as a separate entity or was integrated in one of the two syndicates, but authorities said the leaders were in contact with Maximiliano Bonilla, alias "Valenciano", the head of the Oficina<, and Luis Enrique Calle Serna, alias "Comba," the head of the Rastrojos.

Javier Antonio Calle Serna, alias ‘Comba’

Javier Antonio Calle Serna, alias “Comba,” was the top leader of the Rastrojos, a group of former paramilitary hitmen turned drug trafficking organization in Colombia. He surrendered to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on May 8, 2012.