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FARC Commander Denies Rebels Have Been Weakened

The FARC has released a video in which commander 'Ivan Marquez' denies the government's claims that the rebel group has been weakened, in what may be an attempt to project an image of strength in case the group enters peace talks.

FARC Choose Military Rather Than Political Leader

Colombia's hopes for a peaceful solution to the 47 year civil conflict may have suffered a setback, after the FARC opted for a military, rather than a political, figure as their new commander-in-chief.

Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, alias ‘Timochenko’

Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, alias "Timochenko," is only the third commander-in-chief in the FARC's nearly 50-year history. Of the three, Timochenko has the most mysterious past. 

The FARC After ‘Alfonso Cano’

In 47 years of existence the FARC have only had two commanders-in-chief: founder "Manuel Marulanda," who died of natural causes in 2008, and "Alfonso Cano," killed in an army offensive on November 4. Who will be the third, and will he be able to hold the rebel army together?

Shifting Security Patterns on Colombia’s Borders

Over a year after Colombia repaired diplomatic relations with Venezuela and Ecuador, the border areas remain some of the worst affected by conflict and drug trafficking.

The New Reality of the FARC

A Colombian think-tank argues that guerrilla group the FARC have retaken the initiative in key areas of the country, and that the security forces have thus far failed to adapt to the changing conditions of the conflict.