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U.S. Citizens in Danger of Drug-Related Homicides?

It is no secret that drug-related violence originating from feuds between drug trafficking oganizations (DTOs) in Mexico has been spilling over to the U.S., especially in cities where more than one cartel wants to impose their rules on the market.

Rethinking the ‘Spillover’ Effect of Mexican Violence

U.S. border-state politicians have been saying for years that Mexico’s drug violence is on the verge of spreading like wildfire through the American southwest. Although the facts fail to match up with this rhetoric, some recent developments add weight to the "spillover" theory.

Report Refocuses the ‘Fast and Furious’ Debate

The latest headlines about gun running from the United States south to Mexico may involve the resignation of Mexico’s attorney general on 31 March, but at the heart of the story remain weak United States laws and paltry political efforts to enforce them.

UN Math on Human Smuggling Not Sound

Smuggling migrants into the United States is now more profitable than smuggling drugs, according to a representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The pull of profits has attracted criminal groups, making the journey north increasingly dangerous for illegal migrants, but InSight is very skeptical of this assertion.

Terrorism and the US-Mexico Border

  • The San Antonio Express News reports that a Somalian, once based in Mexico, is suspected of smuggling members of an East African terrorist cell into the United States, according to federal documents reportedly obtained by the newspaper. According to the article, Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, a Somalian who entered Brownsville, Texas, through Mexico in 2008, is charged with links to two East African groups that the U.S. classifies as terrorist organizations. The San Antonio Express quotes a Justice Department memo, which states that Dhakane "admits that he knowingly believed he was smuggling violent jihadists into the United States," although so far Dhakane has denied this charge. So far, there have been no documented cases of suspected terrorists entering the U.S. via the Mexico border.

US Department of Homeland Security: An Analysis of Migrant Smuggling Costs along the Southwest Border

This Working Paper by Bryan Roberts, Gordon Hanson, Derekh Cornwell, and Scott Borger, analyzes the costs of human trafficking in the U.S.-Mexico border, specifically on the western region (on the California-Baja California and Arizona-Sonora areas). As they state on the first lines their " goal in this paper is to estimate the impact that enforcement has on the price smugglers charge to bring illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border." - InSight

InSight: Gun Traffickers Arrested in Texas a Wake-up Call?

Monday's arrest of three men in Texas for trafficking guns, one of which was apparently used in the attack which killed U.S. agent Jaime Zapata in mid-February, raises several key issues about the problem of gun trafficking at the Mexico border.

Only a Fraction of U.S.-Mexico Border ‘Controlled’

According to testimony given before United States Congress, the Border Patrol says that just fifteen percent of the U.S.-Mexico border is under tight control. The bulked-up security measures along the southwest border have resulted in record drug seizures, but, as the testimony makes clear, there are still many possible points of entry for smugglers trafficking people, narcotics or guns.

One Third of 2010 Homicides Occurred Along U.S.-Mex Border

After a bloody weekend in Ciudad Juarez, a new analysis of government statistics sheds light on the patterns of violence along Mexico’s northern border, “ground zero” in the country’s war on organized crime.

Indians Captured at U.S.-Mex Border Expose New Human ‘Pipeline’

In a phenomenon that has United States border officials scratching their heads, a record wave of immigrants from India have entered the country illegally through Mexico in the past year. Thousands of Indians now take the trip annually, making them the second most common ethnic group of immigrants, after Latinos, to be detained at the border.

‘Potapult’ Video from Mexico

In the most curious story of the weekend, authorities in Mexico, acting on a tip, seized a catapult and 45 pounds of marijuana that smugglers wanted to launch over the Arizona border. InSight Crime brings you, via the Tuscon Sentinel, the video of the catapult.

U.S. Breaks up Arms Smuggling Ring in Arizona

The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) arrested 20 suspects on Tuesday in an operation the bureau said disrupted a gun trafficking ring responsible for sending hundreds of weapons to Mexico, according to a U.S. Justice Department press release. Fourteen more suspects remain at large.