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Mexican coyotes are using Trump policies to boost their business.

‘Mexico’s Human Smugglers are Raising Prices Because of Trump’

Undocumented immigration involves a series of deals between Central American coyotes and Mexicans. One coyote from El Salvador complains that his colleagues on the northern Mexican border are looking to double their income as a reaction to US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Unaccompanied migrant children in a Texas detention center. Credit: Revista Factum

US Lacks Evidence Linking Migrant Children to MS13 Crimes

Representatives of three US federal law enforcement agencies were unable to offer the Senate Judiciary Committee any conclusive evidence of links (beyond isolated cases) between groups of unaccompanied minors who arrived in the United States since 2012 and the recent increase in crimes attributed to the MS13 gang in several cities around the country.

Prescription painkillers: a major contributor to the US's opioid epidemic

Ohio Lawsuit Latest in Cross-Border Push against Opioid Epidemic

Ohio is the latest US state to take legal action against manufacturers of prescription opioid painkillers. Attempts to strangle the legal supply of these drugs at home could reduce the demand for similar, illicit drugs like heroin and possibly impact the supply chain in Mexico.

US Police Officials during a Senate committee hearing on the MS13. (From left to right: Commissioner Timothy D. Sini, Detective Scott Conley, and Chief J. Thomas Manger)

Trump Policies Undermine Fight Against MS13: US Police

Police chiefs from three different US counties impacted by the MS13 street gang spoke out about policies adopted by President Donald Trump's administration during a Senate hearing on May 24. All agreed that the policies will have a negative impact on the fight against the Mara Salvatrucha.

The United States government says it will seek to tackle its massive consumer market.

Mexico, Colombia Meetings Show US Security Policy on Unsure Footing

A recent visit by top US officials to Mexico and a meeting between the presidents of Colombia and the United States in Washington, DC have provided further evidence that the US security strategy in Latin America under the new administration has yet to find its footing.

Fentanyl is feeding the opioid epidemic in the US

Mexico, US to Improve Efforts on Fentanyl as Mexico Seizures Rise

Fentanyl seizures in Mexico are on the rise, prompting Mexico and the United States to pledge to boost bilateral efforts to combat the production and trafficking of the drug, which is a major contributor to the deadly opioid epidemic currently ravaging the United States.

US President Donald Trump

Weekly InSight: The Trump Card, How US Policy Shifts Could Impact LatAm Security

In our May 11 Facebook Live discussion, Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa spoke about InSight Crime's coverage of shifting US policies toward Latin America, and how these changes could impact organized crime and security in the region.

US funding to Central America will decrease in 2017, but where will the cuts be made?

How Will Cuts in US Aid Impact the Northern Triangle?

US aid funding for Central America will be reduced in 2017. And while news reports have largely focused on the difference in the overall amount to be allocated, there's a lot more to the story regarding where exactly those cuts will be made and how they will affect the region.

Is drug tunnel use in decline on the US border?

US Report on Alternative Drug Smuggling Tactics Undermines Border Wall Logic

A new US government report on lesser-used drug trafficking techniques such as tunnels and ultralight aircraft further undermines claims that building a border wall will halt the flow of illegal drugs into the country.

Customs and Border Protection agents

US Border Patrol Hiring Surge Could Increase Corruption

US President Donald Trump's call for a surge in new law enforcement officers to monitor the US-Mexico border as part of his immigration crackdown could inadvertently lead to greater corruption within the agencies charged with securing the border region.  

US-bound migrants riding on a Mexican freight train

Unauthorized Migration Is Worth Billions for LatAm Organized Crime

Experts say unauthorized migration generates billions of dollars for criminal groups in Latin America, earnings that are set to grow as a result of tightening US immigration policies.

Mexico poppy eradication efforts

US to Fund Mexico Opium Eradication to Hit Heroin Crisis at Home: Report

The United States has reportedly offered to help fund Mexico's eradication of opium poppy, raising questions about the efficacy of the supply-focused approach to drug control that both countries have adopted.